More than just parks: Olympic National Park

Olympic SunriseI got an e-mail recently from a team of brothers who are traveling around the country documenting the wondrous scenery of America’s 59 National Parks. Their first stop? Right here in Washington, in one of my favorite places…Olympic National Park.

Their video is a culmination of a month’s time spent videoing some of the most incredible parts of Olympic National Park. It’s a dazzling 4 minute short film that takes the viewer on a visually stunning journey through the park. On the video there is no narration, no wildlife shots (save for a few hikers on the trails) and no indication as to where in the park the different shots are located.

In that sense, the film by Jim and Will Pattiz provides a sort of treasure map to viewers who would need to search for and discover their own special destinations when visiting Olympic National Park. Only on their website do they reveal the general locations where they captured their shots. And with so much natural beauty to be found, everyone who comes to Olympic National park will leave with something valuable. This film provides a short glimpse into what that is. Read more »

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Who could ask for more than zombies in the old west?

Tattoo Zombie (15)Zombies? Like. Pioneer town? Like. Put the two together? It’s a match made in only the greatest nightmares.

Haunting Ellensburg” is Ellensburg’s premier haunted house event, taking place at Frontier Village at the Kittitas Valley Event Center on Fridays and Saturdays from Oct. 10 through Oct. 25.

Guests will be pulled into a horrific version of the Old West as they encounter a fearful village overrun by marauding zombies and flee for their lives from hostile villagers! This professional haunt will be an assault on the senses, featuring elaborate make-up, costumes, sets, lights, sounds, and other effects. Read more »

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Why James Glover deserves Spokane’s gratitude

A recent article by the Pacific Northwest Inlander calls into question whether or not Spokane pioneer and founding father, James Glover, is deserving of having a new plaza next to city hall named in his honor. Lisa Waananen Jones, who wrote the Inlander piece, “Facing History: The story that James Glover didn’t want you to know, and why it’s threatening his legacy,” did a competent job assembling the different parts of the story and deserves added props for doing the research into the story of Spokane. However, noticeably absent from her article is the side of the supporters of the Glover Plaza moniker. In fairness to that side, I’d like to present arguments in favor of honoring someone without whom the city might not even exist.

To her credit, Jones more than adequately detailed the various accomplishments and contributions of James Glover. “[Glover] traveled from Salem, Oregon, by rail, river and saddle with a business partner, Jasper N. Matheny, and they arrived to find a handful of wooden structures among the grass and basalt…He once owned all the land in Spokane’s downtown core, and he spent months in Olympia wooing legislators to establish the county’s boundaries. He laid out the downtown streets and gave them their names…[and] he was the only settler in America who lived to see his land claim turn into a city of 130,000 in less than four decades.” Read more »

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Washington’ only living ghost town

LibertyHistoricTownsite_signReturning from an overnight trip to Leavenworth (always a must-see if you happen to be in the Wenatchee National Forest), I spotted a sign along US-97 pointing the way toward Liberty, Washington, which billed itself as the only living ghost town in the state. Only two miles off the main road, I decided to take the extra few minutes to check out what Liberty had to offer. What I found was more than I expected.

To begin with, the route from Cle Elum to Leavenworth on US-97 through Blewett Pass is an absolutely beautiful drive; a real idyllic sample of Washington State’s beauty. Turning away from the pass and into old mining country gave me a sense of just how rich in history this area was. As I slowed down to take in the view along the two-mile trek, I rolled the windows down and shut off the music to get a sense of what it sounded like. “Clear” would be the best word I could use to describe it. Read more »

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