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From January 1 through February 16, 2014, I asked a simple question each day on Twitter and on the website. True Washingtonians should already know the answers, and those who want to learn more about the state they call home can try their best and see just how Washington they are! Good luck…you’ll learn something new. I guarantee it!

1. What southwest Washington city, platted in 1875, was originally known as ''Timmen's Landing'' after the claim of John H. Timmen?
2. What town, originally named ''Woodland,'' was renamed by a real estate developer with few scruples?
3. Which Washington city's name translates to ''the large one'' in French?
4. What town, steeped in gruesome #WAhistory, was renamed by the Legislature in 1875?
5. Which town shares a name with one in Kansas, both of which founded by members of the same family?
6. What bay was originally named after a dogfish oil rendering plant on its shores?
7. Who led the first wagon train to cross the Cascades from Walla Walla to the Puget Sound area (via Naches Pass) in 1853 and now has a town named after him?
8. What southwest Washington city was first named after Thomas Jefferson's estate before being wiped out by floods in 1866 and 1867?
9. What Washington town translates in French to ''wolf wolf?''
10. Which northwest Washington town was named in 1870 after the first white female settler's favorite Thomas Campbell poem?
11. Who turned an old Catholic mission into a salmon packing plant in 1853 and got a town named after him?
12. Which of Washington's 32 towns named by H.R. Williams could he himself not remember what it was named for?
13. What Okanogan County town does not translate to ''mountain goat'' in Greek even though its founders thought it did?
14. This Washington city is named after the place in the Middle East where Mohammed is buried.
15. Which ''dead'' island on the Columbia River contains 13 native burial huts and the grave of one white man?
16. Who named Lake Union and Lake Washington, and has an island named after him?
17. This city and lake weren't named for an Old Testament figure as many young Washingtonians believe.
18. What Skamania County town went through six name changes in its 163-year history?
19. What Lewis County summer resort community's name translates as, ''Oh, look?''
20. What county (and subsequent seat) was created by the territorial legislature in 1888?
21. What Grecian-inspired city name was originally dubbed ''Smithter?''
22. What happened to Col. Isaac N. Ebey, one of the great pioneer settlers in Washington?
23. Which Washington city was so-named because of the area's German-speaking Russian wheat farmers?
24. Which Washington city is the ''heart and soul'' of Stevens County?
25. What town is purportedly named after the leader of the people of the lost city of Atlantis?
26. Which town is often spelled two different ways, spawning arguments over which is correct?
27. This area of WA is not known for its furs (though named by fur traders) save maybe for cougar.
28. Which Washington city was named after a lofty mining town in Peru?
29. Originally named FOR a lieutenant in the Spanish-American war, it was later renamed BY that same lieutenant.
30. Which Washington town's name is actually a mispronunciation of a Frenchman's name?
31. This county is named after an Indian tribe who wore decorative earrings.
32. Name the Washington city that was personally laid out in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln?
33. This should be a no-brainer if you live here...how did Puget Sound get its name?
34. Which town was originally named ''Franklin'' by Oregon Trail pioneer and WA folk hero Ezra Meeker?
35. Which town in Grant Co. was allegedly named by the child daughter of railroad magnate James J. Hill?
36. Who had a well dug near a townsite-to-be to prove that water was available in the area?
37. Which Washington city is named after an amusement park-themed city in California?
38. Which city, home to some of our bravest veterans, is a former governor's name spelled backward?
39. What city incorporated in 1908, disincorporated in 1946, & reincorporated on it's 50th anniversary?
40. This city's harbor has a lavish estate built by masons that once entertained Pres. Roosevelt.
41. What town was first called ''Muck'' before it was changed to an even shorter (& less descriptive) name?
42. Which one of these #WAcities with #Valentines-themed names was NOT named after early homesteaders and pioneers?
43. In which county did the United States Pig War with the British originate in 1858?
44. Which town was originally named ''Bug.'' That's right, Bug, WA.
45. What Indian word describes a place where girls were sent to undergo puberty rites? (no snickering)


How did you do? Leave your comments below!

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  1. #37, I chose Redondo and it tabulated as wrong, even though it named Redo do in the answer.

  2. Good catch! It’s fixed now. Thanks for taking the quiz!

  3. In 1858, Island county included much of northwest Washington, including what is now San Juan county and more.

  4. You’re right! In fact, much of Washington looked completely different in 1858…check out this map of Washington and Oregon Territories: https://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov/do/8E758264978B52D4CBD3A478121A7AD9.jpg. It had counties in the west, and “the rest of the territory” in the east!

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