It’s never too late to remember

Almost everyone has a connection to World War II, and chances are good that you’re holding on to photos of someone from our Greatest Generation.

Washington’s Secretary of State wants to help you share that story this year through their Legacy Washington campaign called “Washington Remembers.” From the beaches of Normandy to Buchenwald concentration camp, Washington veterans recall their experiences during World War II. Learn more and pay tribute to Washington’s heroes who changed the course of our history and made us who we are today.

That’s where you come in.

If you have a photo of a Washington State WWII vet (or if you are a resident of Washington and want to honor a non-resident WWII vet), you can submit it online to the Washington Remembers: Faces of Heroes collection. Upload the image as a tribute to those who served in history’s greatest global conflict, and your photograph may be featured in our online collection…possibly even in a physical display at the Secretary of State’s office later this year.

The Legacy Washington Project is an education campaign to further the knowledge of the state’s past and its continuing story, recognizing the immeasurable value of our state’s history and our promise to preserve it. I can think of few more fitting activities to help celebrate and remember Memorial Day (May 25th) than to include your family’s story in the Legacy Washington Project.


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