Gone But Not Forgotten: Ocean Crest Restaurant in Moclips, Washington

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Ocean Crest

Ocean Crest Restaurant Site

Moclips has been a community for a long time.  It was only incorporated, though, in 1905 with the final nails being driven by the Northern Pacific Railroad.  It became a resort community and had local industries such as lumber mills and canneries.  Over the years Moclips suffered setbacks from fires and storms, finally sustaining about 600 people.

Just south of the town of Moclips, Washington, along the rugged Pacific coast, on top of a bluff overlooking the flat beach and churning waves, sits the Ocean Crest Resort.  Up until several months ago, the restaurant here was one of the finest dining experiences in western Washington.  The view is stunning from this location.  The gift shop, though small, contained excellent quality items, all themed for the coast or Native America.

Then, in June of 2011, a fire destroyed the restaurant/gift shop portion of the resort.  Very sad.  My wife and I and many of our guests here along the coast have wonderful memories of outstanding lunches and dinners with great views of the Pacific.  The view just isn’t the same with the chain link fence there instead of their fabulous restaurant.  Here’s hoping they can rebuild.

Pacific Beach

View From Pacific Beach St. Pk. Campground

Just south of the resort is the town of Pacific Beach, Washington.  Home of a Naval Facility, and now a Navy Special Services Resort, there is a fabulous state park with camping almost on the beach.  A classic beach experience, Pacific Beach has a few gift shops, a few ‘antique’ shops (read that as ‘thrift shops’) and a really great beach cut by a great river mouth for some outstanding adventures.

You can get to Pacific Beach by driving north from Ocean Shores about 20 minutes along the coast road SR 109.  Moclips is about 10 more minutes further north.

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  1. Thank you very much for your post. It is nice to see that people haven’t forgotten about our restaurant.

    We are working hard to rebuild and hope to be opening in June. I hope to be serving you again soon.

    Jess Owen
    Assistant General Manager
    Ocean Crest Resort

  2. These restaurants were doing something novel at the time, or they hold some kind of nostalgia for us. Luckily, in most cases there are alternatives that fill the void these restaurants left but sigh never completely.

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