Daily #WAcities quiz for Jan. 17, 2014

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Around the state in 48 hours: Part 1

Everybody thought I was joking when I said I was taking a business trip from Olympia to Vancouver to Yakima to Spokane to Wenatchee to Everett to Bellevue to Tacoma and back to Olympia in two days. The itinerary I had laid out with Google Maps said it was a cinch and I’m the guy … Continue reading »

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Back on the writing wagon

Due mostly to a long, arduous and particularly unpleasant legislative session (sessions, really, since we had three this year), I’ve been unable to blog with any consistency since late 2012. I know that’s not an excuse but for someone who writes every day for a living, pretty much the last thing I want to do … Continue reading »

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Send to Kindle now an option at WOH!

You’ll now notice the “K” symbol at the bottom of our posts and pages. It’s a plugin that allows you to read the Washington, Our Home, blog on your Kindle device. As there are three Kindles in my household (one Fire and two readers), I’m excited to try it out! It’ll be great to be … Continue reading »

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My week with mutton chops

It was last Sunday night when I realized that I wanted to shave my beard. I’d been sporting it for nearly a year, since my foot surgery back in November 2010, and it had become my “look.” But I was getting tired of it, and because I had decided it was time to start working … Continue reading »

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The Washington Wife

Three men married wives from different states. The first man married a woman from Kansas. He told her that she was to do the dishes and house cleaning. It took a couple of days, but on the third day, he came home to see a clean house and dishes washed and put away. The second … Continue reading »

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My pledge to do more than just remember 9/11

Last night and this morning, my wife wanted to watch all the media coverage and specials of the 9/11 10-year anniversary. I watched alongside her and we talked about where we were, what we were doing and how we felt on that horrific day. But I felt like I didn’t want to remember…like I didn’t … Continue reading »

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Family reunion in Moses Lake

Okay, not IN Moses Lake exactly, but right on the edge of it. It was our annual Ebel-Fenton-Campbell-Zandofsky (Hankins-Schab-Sherbahn) reunion and we held it at Pier 4 Sunrise Reports, a perfect spot for such an event. After last year’s reunion in Packwood – which many family members couldn’t attend due to distance – I worked … Continue reading »

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