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There are some wonderful places in Washington State, and in each place, some wonderful people call it home. As Helen Davis wrote in her famous song about Washington, “Small towns and cities rest here in the sun, filled with our laughter.” From our verdant green forests, caressed by silvery streams, to our mountain peaks and our fields of wheat…Washington is our home.

My name is Erich Ebel and I love this state. I’ve lived on the green side as well as the brown side, I’ve floated the rivers and skied the mountains. I’ve fished its lakes, hiked its trails, marveled at its geology, and studied its fascinating, storied history.

I’m the Marketing and Communications Director for the Washington State Historical Society, a trustee agency of the state of Washington. Founded in 1891 and now into its second century of service, the Washington State Historical Society is dedicated to collecting, preserving and vividly presenting Washington’s rich and storied history. The Historical Society is comprised of a family of museums and research centers, offering a variety of services  to researchers, historians, scholars, and lifelong learners.

I serve on the Lacey Historical Commission, an eight-member body charged with providing leadership in raising awareness of Lacey’s history and preservation of local historic resources. The commission guides creation of public education and interpretive programs, encourages conservation of items and properties that are of historic significance, and reviews nominations to the Lacey Register of Historic Places.

I’m a former board member of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving historical structures using tools such as the Most Endangered Historic Properties program to provide media attention, technical help and a small amount of financial assistance to help ensure that they are saved. The Washington Trust also facilitates several state-funded programs in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation including the Heritage Barn Initiative, Historic Courthouse ProgramMainstreet Program, and Washington’s National Maritime Heritage Area.

And I am the History Insider for Scenic Washington, a travel and tourism magazine and website geared toward helping visitors and residents alike discover their own scenic byway or weekend hideout here in the great state of Washington.

Washington State has much to offer…from it’s natural beauty to it’s storied history. Its a vast array of all the great things life has to offer in the upper-left corner of the country. From our underdog sports teams to our small town way of life, at WashingtonOurHome.com I write about all the things that make Washington the greatest state in the lower 48.